Aloisia Cudmore is an emerging artist whose works span across multiple mediums. Her current works involve a multi-disciplinary approach. She has recently graduated from the ANU School of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Visual Arts [Honours], with a major in Photomedia and a minor in Art History/Theory.

Cudmore’s most recent work, Living Inside Intimacy (2020), is both an installation and video. It explores topics such as intimacy, space, the COVID-19 pandemic, autoethnography, and more. Her previous artwork Yeah. Please don’t message me again. (2019) explores intimacy in relation to online communication. Both of these artworks relate to a younger Australian audience, in how they tend to communicate, live freely, and explore boundaries.

Cudmore has experience in photography, video, drawing, printmaking, and hybrid art practices. ​​​​​​​
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